Band of Silly Pirates is bringing laughs back to the Fisher Auditorium

The week after Spring break Englewood High School’s improvisation theater group The Band of Silly Pirates will be sailing the high seas once more. That is, the group will start rehearsing again after a significant hiatus.
“I’m excited for everyone to come together again and to have a good show,” the group’s leader Kelly Erbentraut said.
While rehearsing, the group plays games to get used to making funny stories up on the spot, and get a sense of family.
“I’m excited to just do improv again because it’s really fun. It’s fun to hang out with the people, it’s a funny show, and it’s fun to do,” group member Kimberly Cox (11) said.
The goals for the group is to get more people involved, plan the future performance, and get prepared for another hilarious BSP! show.
“We want a bigger crowd to come than we had last time,” Erbentraut said.

MIOSM comes to Englewood

Music is everywhere: the coffee shop, the elevator, even the television. It is something that many people use therapeutically and others just for fun. Whatever way one uses it, music has a great impact on a person’s educational experiences and, in the month of March, Englewood schools is bringing this concept to Englewood.
Music in our School’s Month (MIOSM) takes place throughout March. Schools all over the nation are encouraged to expose students to the benefits of music education courtesy of National Association for Music Education.
This month marks the third annual district wide MIOSM choir performance. Bishop Elementary, Clayton Elementary and the entire TEC campus are working tirelessly to bring together a beautiful choral performance for all of the Englewood Community. Under the direction of Garlyn Saddler, this musical collaboration will be delivered on March 18 at 7:00pm in the renovated Englewood High School Field House.

Singin’ In The Rain: March 6th and 7th

Who knew it could rain inside the school? The cast of The Englewood Campus’ Singin’ in the Rain did!
For the first time ever, Englewood Leadership Academy, Englewood Middle School and Englewood High School are coming together to deliver the annual Spring musical. Students from grades sixth to twelfth have been collaborating with one another to make sure that the production runs smoothly, but with so many different ages under one curtain, it can be difficult.
“It’s a little tough sometimes because they (the middle school actors) are younger and they look up to the older kids. The high school students have to make sure we set a good example and show everyone what is expected,” Noa Maes (11) said.
The show opens March 6th and closes March 7th in the Fisher Auditorium. The doors will open at 6:30pm and the show will ensure at 7pm. Tickets will be available upon arrival at the price of $6 for adults and $3 for students and seniors.
“People should come see the show because we have put a lot of hard work into it. Every cast member is dedicated to giving the very best performance to our audience. You will not regret coming,” Maes said.

EHS girls soccer returns

The lights at Pirate Stadium will soon welcome back their stellar girls soccer team. After last year’s success of not being scored on, the expectations are high and the team has high hopes to surpass everything accomplished in the 2014 season. The team went 13-1-1 with the only loss being their first playoff game. The friendships that tie the team together as a family are an advantage to future success.
“I think we’re going to do pretty well actually. It might be a rough start because so many of our teammates left last year, but i think we can pull it together and do even better.”, Sierra Mazur (10).

Pirate Track

Track season is fast-approaching, and workouts have already begun a month before the first official practice. Several athletes have already taken advantage of this opportunity to get fit and ready for the season opening.
“I’ve been running 20 or so miles a week so I’ll already be in shape when the season starts,” Chad Glover (12) said.
Andy Cornell is the assistant coach of the EHS Track team and has student-athletes working out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school in preparation for the upcoming season. The workouts include plyometrics, calisthenics, regular lifting, and tactitional running techniques. Proper running form is key in preseason workouts.
Students should not feel afraid to come get in shape, even if not interested in joining the team. Pirates work together to succeed together, whether in the classroom or on the field. Come out and push yourself to the limit!


Things to do on your day off:

Are you bored on the days you have completely off? Do you need to find a way to keep yourself occupied while on break? Here’s a list of things you can do to avoid boredom.

Netflix marathon:
One easy way to spend time is to watch a movie or a series of movies in a row. You can watch Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or even come up with your own set of movies to watch. You can also binge watch a full T.V. series.

I know what you’re thinking, “ It’s my day off, why on earth would I read?”, but reading provides many unique stories and characters and takes up quite a bit of time. All you need is a book that you are interested in, and time will fly right by. “The Library is open all day for students”, said substitute librarian, Mary Gelb.

Go hiking or walking with friends:
Basically, grab some friends, go to a park or the mountains, and walk around or explore the area. It is a great way to get exercise and get out of the house.

Listen to music:
Enough said.

Play board games with friends:
Friends make board games fun and more interactable, just try not to let the game ruin your friendship.

TEC Production of Singin’ in the Rain is approaching

It is about two weeks until show week for the winter musical production of Singin’ in the Rain and the cast is euphoniously preparing for opening night.
“We’ve learned the dances, blocking, and songs. Soon we will put all the elements together and do them in unison,” Jonathan Schroeder (11) said. With ‘off book’(when actors are required to run scenes without using a script) beginning on February 14, everyone has been spending a lot of time mastering the choreography, music and stage directions.
“Opening night of the show is on March 6th. We’re going to put on a great show and we’re even going make it rain on stage so come see us!” Shelby Moore (11) said.

Top 7 Ways to do Winterfest on a budget

1: Fun food, not fancy food
If you are going to Winterfest, you do not need to break the bank for a meal. The point is to have fun, so do just that! Order pizza, go to country buffet, storm into iHop in your formal garb, because pancakes are better the foie gras any day.

2: Reduce, reuse, recycle…your dress
Why spend another $80 on a dress that you will wear once for six hours? Just use an older dress. Chances are you still look great in it and nobody will notice anyway.

3: Buddy up!
If you are going with friends, why pay full price for all those singles tickets? Buddy up and buy a couples ticket with your buds.

4: Make DO with your friends
Yes, getting your hair done by a professional can be exciting, but it can also be pricey. Find an easy, yet classy hairdo that you like and have your friends create a masterpiece.

5: If your hands were suppose to look pretty, they would have dresses
Girls, if you are trying to limit your spending, do not go get your nails done. No one will care if your have new shellac that matches your outfit. If you really feel like you need colorful nails, paint them the night before.

6: You are not a flower child
Save the fancy corsages and boutonnieres for Prom. They are really just a hassle that nobody wants.

7: Relax, the dance is over
There is no point in spending tons of money on snacks and beverages after the festivities. If you wish to keep the night going, play some board games or watch a movie with your crew.