Best ways to get volunteer hours

Top 5 ways to volunteer

Struggling to find places to volunteer? The students of Englewood High School have to complete twenty hours of community service in order to graduate. Here are the top five ways the students could volunteer to complete these hours:

1) Help adults and immigrants learn english sponsored by the Colorado Refugee ESL Program. If interested, please go to
2) Setup tutor lessons. It’s a nice way to accumulate volunteer hours, while bonding with the person that’s being tutored.
3) Work at a soup kitchen. Unfortunately, hunger is a very real problem that many American citizens have to deal with. Help prepare and dole out food to those who are unable to provide sustenance for themselves.
4) Go volunteer at a nursing home. The senior citizens get lonely, and what better way to brighten their spirits then to go and spend some time with them?
5) Volunteer at the Dumb Friends League. Help out the battered and homeless animals and give them some much deserved love.

Pirate Band prepares for upcoming events

This semester the Englewood High School concert band and Jazz 1 has a lot going on. For Concert Band, the goal is to perform in CBA regional, the competition Englewood High School will be partly hosting on March sixth.
CBA, Concert Band Regionals, only accept 26 out of 90 bands in the state of Colorado to perform, and the EHS band hopes to be one of them.
“I’m looking forward to regionals for state,” band student Mara Neumann (12) said.
The coming up events for Jazz Band One are The Mile High Jazz Festival February sixth, a jazz concert February 14th at TEC, and a large fundraiser called “Jazz Night” April 30th also at the TEC auditorium.

School lunches need change according to student body

After a student survey condemning cafeteria food, the school and school board alike is looking for a solution.
“I do not usually eat the cafeteria food because I do not find it very appealing,” said Maisie Sturrock (11)
The survey asked students various questions regarding their satisfaction about their cafeteria experience. The results were overwhelmingly poor.
Currently, lunches are provided by Chartwells, a company that provides food services for schools. Options range from keeping the current cafeteria provider, finding a new, similar company, or providing cafeteria services completely ran by the school.
“The cafeteria food is usually pretty good. Sometimes it’s not the best but usually I enjoy it,” said Josh Yohe (12)
Before the end of the year, the school should have reached a conclusion regarding student lunches.

New fieldhouse already in use

With the fresh start of 2015 comes a lot of improvements and opportunity for athletes. Both Girl’s and Boy’s Basketball programs have been in use of the new fieldhouse since mid-winter break to keep in condition for the continuing season.
“I don’t think the rims are very good but we just need to break them in,” Brock Breazeale (9) said.
The Girl’s Basketball program opened the new fieldhouse with a victory against Fort Morgan keeping the winning pride alive for EHS. Boy’s Basketball is playing Alameda in the new gym looking to keep the win streak alive in the new gym.

Lady pirates prepare to swim at Intrastate 12

On Saturday January 10, the EHS girls’ swim team will competing in a revamped meet that they have hosted in previous years the Intrastate 12. After the school moved into construction, the pool left and so did EHS job of hosting this huge meet each year. The meet originally was the Intrastate 8 which invited 7 other teams to the EHS pool to compete for trophies and ribbons.
The meet has now invited four other teams and moved the meet to Aurora Central High School, where it is also co hosted by their girls’ swim team.The teams competing are Cherry Creek, Colorado Academy, Denver West, Denver South, Denver North, Heritage, Kent Denver, Platte Canyon and Pueblo Central. Each team gets one entry per event.
“The IntraState meet was designed to be a fun, short invitational in which nearby schools, who due to size differences, usually would not compete against one another. We are looking forward to having a fun meet with old friends like Platte Canyon, Heritage and Cherry Creek. I’m expecting my swimmers to do their best and to have fun at the same time.” Girls’ swim coach Tracey Lonn said.
There are ribbons for every place and the top two teams will win trophies for the meet.


Ribbon cutting and pep assembly held in field house

For the first time, over 1,100 TEC students gathered in the field house for the ribbon cutting and pep assembly on Wednesday the 7th.
The high school students showed the younger middle school students what it is meant to be a pirate by joining together for the Englewood fight song and a “family picture” including all students and staff.
Students were given the chance to tour the campus earlier in the morning, and are enjoying the building. Students and staff appreciate TEC and are happy to call the building the future home for all types of pirates.


Breaking News: Methane fumes fill classrooms

Methane gas from the the bathrooms that is meant to be traveling out of the building is collecting on the roof and being pulled back through an intake vent and many students and staff are complaining about the fumes.
“It’s getting better actually, the warmer it gets outside today the better,” Superintendent Brian Ewert said. “They are working on a solution right now. No, we won’t be closing school. Students in filled classrooms will go to the auditorium and science rooms. If we run out of room we will put students in the auditorium to basically hang out.”
The gas is causing nausea, headaches, and an extremely distracting scent. At 10:30 a.m., Ewert informed the school that classes would not be closed. Numerous students are already leaving the building.
“Specifically, on top of the building there is a sewer gas vent, that sewer gas comes out and it is more dense than the air so it just sits and floats on top of the building,” Ewert said. “There happens to be an intake vent right next to the vent, so it pulls the gas back into the building.”


Veterans Day wrap up

More than 60 veterans from numerous military branches and wars visited Englewood High School to be honored for their service and talk to students about their experiences in the military.
FBLA, NHS and other volunteers greeted the veterans and brought them to the commons to enjoy a breakfast provided by the school. The veterans later visited individual advocacy rooms to talk about their experiences and answer questions.
When the time came to begin the annual Veterans Day assembly, the students headed to the gymnasium to once again greet and applaud the veterans. Sam Westra, Wyatt Long and Correen Martinez all spoke at the assembly, followed by numerous veteran speakers including Dan Barber, the retired Englewood history teacher.
It was another successful Veterans Day, enjoyed by not only the veterans, but the staff and students as well.